Originally launched in 2015, then having a makeover in earlier 2017, Plant-Based Kay is a quickly growing blog that has something for everyone.

If you love beauty, food, travel, and funny gifs, you’ve come to the right place! Expect to be inspired by a variety of posts from politics to puppies!


I began this blog in 2015 as a place to talk about beauty and makeup. After gaining a little bit of attention, I decided I need to use my platform for something more productive. I wanted to document my journey through life, as well as helping others with similar interests as myself. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, I write about things I am passionate about. This includes animal rights, Veganism, Travel, and even some makeup pieces!

But I don’t do this alone! I have a few other writers who are just as passionate. Please click on the authors tab to learn about them!


My blog is not an attack on your personal lifestyle at all! I am simply trying to spread my own opinion and you can feel free to live your life any way you wish! All statements are based on my own personal experience.


(Buisness inquires only please)



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